HMS Queen Elizabeth Technical Visit

3rd Sep 2015

HMS Queen Elizabeth Technical Visit

As the newest Technical Secretaries at Xpedite we were very fortunate to be taken on a technical visit of HMS Queen Elizabeth (QE). We first saw the QE as we were crossing Forth Road Bridge and the scale and size wasn’t apparent until we approached Rosyth Dockyard. Being the largest warship that the Royal Navy has ever built, it was not surprising to see the number of construction workers and engineers hard at work around the dockyard and ship. Despite the amount of cables and scaffolding on the HMS Queen Elizabeth we could still get a very clear image of its monumental size. 

Once set with all of our PPE, Xpedite Technical Consultant Scott Hillman took us to meet our guide for the day, Graeme Riddell. He kindly showed us around the systems we have been working on at Xpedite. The features that really stood out to us were: the LRR, Diesel generators, Gas Turbines, the flight deck and the two 12.5 tonne anchors.  For us to experience the size and complexity of each system puts all of the work we do on a daily basis into context.

Our visit to the HMS Queen Elizabeth was an incredible and enlightening lifetime experience. We are hopeful to see the Platform in her final form in the next few years. After the visit we are now able to visualise the maintenance we contribute to on a daily basis.

It has been a truly memorable opportunity and a big thank you to everybody who helped organise our visit.