QEC Gas Turbine RCM

25th Jun 2015

QEC Gas Turbine RCM

As part of Xpedite’s ongoing MoD contract to define the maintenance requirements for the new generation of Aircraft Carriers, we have recently completed the RCM for the MT30 Rolls Royce Gas Turbine Alternator (GTA) package. The latest one to be installed was lifted into place on HMS PRINCE OF WALES, at Babcock’s Rosyth shipyard in Scotland. The Rolls-Royce MT30 is a 36 megawatt (around 50,000 horsepower) Marine Gas Turbine, and is also the world’s most power-dense, a key feature for naval ships where high power occupying minimum space is essential. Each 120 tonne GTA package consists of a GE supplied alternator coupled to a Rolls-Royce supplied MT30 Gas Turbine contained within an enclosure.

Two MT30s are installed in each ship and will provide two thirds of the 109 megawatts needed to power the 65,000 tonne ships ­ enough energy to power a town the size of Swindon. Once operational, the GTAs will supply HV power to the four propulsion motors as well as the 13 ship service transformers. These transformers distribute LV power to the weapons systems, mission systems equipment and navigation systems, as well as power to the hotel services required to run the Ship.