Xpedite Internal Promotions

24th Aug 2015

Brigit Coleman-Green, who joined Xpedite in 2013, has been working towards gaining Technical Consultant status within the organisation. This process was driven by Xpedite’s bespoke ‘Graduate Technical Consultant Development Scheme’ ­ this scheme provided Brigit with opportunities to gain a thorough understanding of all the attributes required to successfully fulfil a Technical Consultancy role. The successful completion of this scheme sees Brigit move into a Technical Consultant function where she will implement all skills acquired into various projects throughout the organisation.

In addition to this, Leanne West, Holly Mather and Lauren Maddison, have all successfully completed their ‘Senior Technical Secretary Development Plans’ and as a result have been awarded the title of ‘Senior Technical Secretary’. During this process they all displayed an immense amount of knowledge and Xpedite are excited to see how they will utilise this throughout their day to day tasking.

Everyone at Xpedite would wish you all the best in your new roles.