Xpedite New UMMS Database Managers

18th Aug 2015

On Thursday the 13th of August HMS ARTFUL took her maiden voyage from the Devonshire Dock in Barrow out into the Irish Sea. Here the newest A Class Submarine will be put through her paces with more rigorous testing before she makes her way to join HMS ASTUTE and HMS AMBUSH in her home port of Faslane.

Following the departure of HMS Artful, Xpedite have been given control of her UMMS Database. This was handed across to us from BAE Systems at 23.59 on Wednesday the 12th of August and we are now the UMMS Database Managers for the Platform along with her A Class counterparts HMS ASTUTE and HMS AMBUSH. We are very much looking forward to supporting HMS ARTFUL in her transition into service within the Royal Navy.